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The PVAC Fund, Inc. generates funding for programs which serve the needs of socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged persons in Montgomery County.


Won't you consider helping the families that we serve through a special tax-deductible gift?

Your gift will allow us to make direct contributions to those we serve as well as provide the necessary funds to design programs that meet the needs of our community. This is the only way of directly supporting our work and your gift is fully tax deductible. Your gift may also be directed to a specific program area such as health, education or economic development. With your tax deductible support we are able to further the valuable work of the chapter in creating opportunities for the most vulnerable families in our community. To further your gift giving impact, your employer may make matching funds available to the PVAC Fund.


Can we count on you for a gift of $100 or more? Any amount is greatly appreciated. Donations are accepted at any time, and will be acknowledged.


Make checks or money orders payable to PVAC Fund and mail to:

PVAC Fund, Inc. 
P.O. Box 10372
Rockville, MD  20849


While your donation may not change the world, it may change a life, and s/he may change the world!

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